Month: June 2016

How to End Your Stress and Live a Life of Peace and Balance

We’re all striving for certain things in life. Security, love, happiness, purpose, success, and independence are among our top goals, however we define these for ourselves. But stress comes along with these goals. Find out how to end your stress now. We live our lives trying to find happiness. But, as John Lennon sang, “Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans.” Tying our emotions to all the ups and downs is like stepping onto a perpetual roller coaster, riding through multiple dips every day. Why live with that kind of stress when a better alternative exists?...

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5 Signs Subconscious Negativity is Sabotaging Your Happiness (7 Ways to End Negativity)

Say it isn’t so! Your old, persistent negativity demon has just reared its ugly head again. And it’s bringing you down. Here’s where you can learn ways to end negativity. You’ve heard a million times how powerful positive thinking is — in fact, it’s a superpower. You know in your DNA this is true, and you’ve taken all the steps to be a positive thinker — but alas — will you ever be the positive person you want to be? How can you expect to remain upbeat when your life isn’t the way you want it yet? read...

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How to Change Your Life When It Feels Like Nothing is Going Your Way

Have you ever wanted something so desperately that you became devastated after many failed attempts to get it? Have you ever wanted to know how to change your life? Has the same pattern kept repeating itself no matter how you tried to change it? Have you ever longed for something so deeply that you lost interest in life when it didn’t happen? There was a time when I felt this way. I was at a total loss for what to do next. Read...

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Embrace Your Unique Self to Find Meaning in Life; Fitting In Is Overrated

Have you ever felt different—like you don’t fit in at all? You’re probably not embracing your unique self. Do certain things captivate other people but leave you struggling to find meaning? What about the big picture? Maybe you feel you chose the wrong career, or you wonder if you were born into the right family—no one else seems to think the way you do. Feeling different can be unsettling in a world that values sameness. You can derail your confidence and your progress by demeaning yourself for your differences. Read...

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