Author: Jan Tucker

Is Your Mind Resisting Meditation? 7 Great Reasons to Stop It!

You keep hearing how tremendous meditation is, but you either can’t get your practice started or keep it going. Here’s how to overcome your resistance. I became interested in meditating years ago, but being an A-type personality, I didn’t think I could do it. Watching my breath seemed unnatural and I remained restless when I tried it. What worked for me was simple. I placed a candle on a small table at the foot of my bed, dimmed the lights, sat cross-legged about four feet from the flame, and focused my gaze on it while clearing my mind as...

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How to Handle Your Suicidal Thoughts: Here is a Strong Reason to Live

Someone knocked at the front door. My mom answered. I heard a man ask, “Do you know Paul Tucker?”   My brother! Immediately I thought he must be in trouble—maybe even in jail. It would be a first, but Paul had a rebellious streak. I really didn’t want to hear what was wrong, but I joined my mom to support her. I don’t remember much more. I just know our visitor said my brother was found dead in his apartment. It was suicide. “No! Not possible!” In jail I could handle. Dead wasn’t even in the realm of possibility. He...

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How to End Your Stress and Live a Life of Peace and Balance

We’re all striving for certain things in life. Security, love, happiness, purpose, success, and independence are among our top goals, however we define these for ourselves. But stress comes along with these goals. Find out how to end your stress now. We live our lives trying to find happiness. But, as John Lennon sang, “Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans.” Tying our emotions to all the ups and downs is like stepping onto a perpetual roller coaster, riding through multiple dips every day. Why live with that kind of stress when a better alternative exists?...

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5 Signs Subconscious Negativity is Sabotaging Your Happiness (7 Ways to End Negativity)

Say it isn’t so! Your old, persistent negativity demon has just reared its ugly head again. And it’s bringing you down. Here’s where you can learn ways to end negativity. You’ve heard a million times how powerful positive thinking is — in fact, it’s a superpower. You know in your DNA this is true, and you’ve taken all the steps to be a positive thinker — but alas — will you ever be the positive person you want to be? How can you expect to remain upbeat when your life isn’t the way you want it yet? read...

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