Thank you so much for your interest in improving your health and your life balance. I look forward to spending this very special healing time together with you!

Give Yourself a Gift of Peace and Health

Qigong can help your body heal many types of issues

  • physical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • spiritual

In addition to helping your body heal a wide variety of physical illnesses and imbalances, it’s a superior stress-reliever. It can help you maintain optimal weight, and bring you to the point of peak performance. It can help with depression and many other emotional issues. It can help you connect more with your inner wisdom. Qigong meets you where you are and takes you to the next level.

Qigong works using the same principles as acupuncture, but without the needles. It works from the inside out, holistically (acupuncture works from the outside in). This means that unlike Western* and other forms of medicine, it works on the root causes of your body’s symptoms simultaneously. Multiple issues can be addressed, without causing side-effects, in a single session.

Qigong can keep your body performing optimally. It is a wonderful preventive practice.

Qigong can provide incredible relief from the following issues:

  • Pain
  • Chronic or acute illness of any type
  • Emotional issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, anger
  • Specific issues such as insomnia, vision, weight loss, fatigue, and many more
  • Spiritual issues such as trusting your intuition, improved meditation, finding your life purpose, and more

Qigong brings your body back to balance, and prepares your body to heal itself. That is the magic of Qigong. Qigong balances your body’s yin and yang energy, and the yin and yang energy of every internal organ. A session as brief as 15-minutes can provide great relief. Jan’s sessions average 30-minutes long depending on your specific needs.

How Qigong works

Qigong was developed, over a period of 7,000 years, specifically to balance all of our vital life energy and to remove all energy blockages. We have 12 major energy channels in our body, two governing channels that direct energy through the other channels, and hundreds of energy points along those channels. When energy is blocked, it always manifests in the form of pain, illness, or emotional or spiritual distress.

The blockages are created when we don’t take care of ourselves properly (insufficient nutrition, sleep, exercise; wrong medication; accidents; stress), but more often they are created when we have negative emotions (anger, frustration, anxiety/stress, fear, depression, grief, hatred, feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy, jealousy, etc.).

The body/mind connection is even stronger than we realize. I want all my students to understand this the way I learned to understand it more completely by learning about and doing Qigong.

We can counteract our negative emotions and lack of self-care through Qigong healings.

How does distance healing work?

Think of the process as similar to the way prayer works. We can pray for anyone anywhere—Larry Dossey, MD shares that studies have shown we don’t even have to know the person we’re praying for, yet the prayer still works.

In fact, although Dossey’s practice is deeply rooted in science, he has been instrumental in merging the science of medicine with the science of alternative therapies. Before he wrote the New York Times bestselling book, Healing Words (found here), “…only three US medical schools had courses devoted to exploring the role of religious practice and prayer in health. Now nearly 80 medical schools have instituted such courses, many [using] Dr. Dossey’s works as textbooks.”

Healing Words reveals an “enormous body of data showing that the act of prayer greatly [affects] the practice of medicine.” (see Dr. Dossey’s lectures)

Why did Dossey decide to spread the word about prayer to the medical community, who readily accepted his ideas? Because his formal medical education didn’t explain the miracle cures he witnessed in his own practice and in those of fellow doctors (learn more here: Larry Dossey, MD, biography). Dossey sought scientific proof that alternative therapies (and prayer) work, which is why a healthy portion of the medical community embraces his teachings.

Dossey also wrote a forward to the book, The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing (by Kenneth S. Cohen), explaining, “Someday soon, the principles of [qigong] healing will be taught in all our medical schools. In fact, this is already beginning to take place, as an increasing number of institutions develop courses in alternative or complementary medicine, including qigong. There are two main reasons for the growing acceptance of these methods: They constitute both good science/and authentic wisdom. Science and the venerable tradition of qigong are joining hands… . When the methods Cohen describes are subjected to rigorous empirical tests, they repeatedly demonstrate their worthiness. …These developments…indicate not only increasing acceptance of qigong, but increasing openness within science and medicine as well.”

Energy healing works the same way prayer works. We are working with the same energy. We’re not creating new energy. According to Einstein, energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed. No energy healing method creates anything new. We’re all healing using the same universal energy. We just use different techniques to work with it.

Another way to think of distance healing is the way television and radio work. We can’t see the waves of energy that result in pictures and sound when we turn on our TV or radio, but the processes work. How they work is a mystery to most of us, but they do. We don’t even think about this when we sit down to watch our favorite shows, although the whole process would seem like magic if we had never experienced it before. We just take for granted that it will work.

Qigong energy works from a distance, too. And like TV and radio waves, it is a miraculous process, but it works time and time again.

If you think about it, your digestion works but the digestive process is not completely explainable. You don’t need to know how it works in order for it to work.

We who learned Qigong from Master Chunyi Lin like to repeat his wisdom. “If you believe in Qigong it will work. If you don’t  believe in Qigong, it will still work anyway.”

To Schedule a Qigong Energy Healing Session

If you have a specific issue(s) you would like Jan to address through a Qigong distance healing session from your location anywhere in the world, please schedule your preferred day and time using the calendar above. Then make a secure payment by following the prompts. We do not store any credit card or financial information on this site. Paypal and Stripe (which lets you use your credit card directly without Paypal) specialize in secure payments.

Note: if it is difficult for you to schedule a time, you do not need to have a specific time for your appointment (but the software requires you to schedule one). Jan will contact you after you make your appointment and you can discuss your situation at that time.

If you would like to schedule an in-person healing session with Jan please visit this page. Distance healings have the same effect as in-person healings. There is no difference. The price for a distance healing is lower because it is more convenient and less time-consuming for both of us.

What to Do for Your Distance Healing Appointment

After you schedule your appointment, please email Jan using the contact section of this website to tell her what issue or issues you need help with. Include all issues of body/mind/emotion and spirit.

If you cannot be available at the time you scheduled, do not worry. Remember, the healing works even if you don’t know it is happening and regardless of what you are doing.

However, if you have an appointment and you want to relax during that time, you can use the restroom prior to your appointment and simply relax wherever and however you prefer. There is no need to connect by phone or Internet, but you can do so if you wish. Just let Jan know how you would like to conduct your appointment. She will do the Qigong healing on the day and time you scheduled unless you need to change it (please see below).

Make sure Jan has your text number so she can let you know when your session begins and ends. This is how she will contact you if you have not chosen to be on a phone call or Internet appointment.

You will receive an email reminder one day in advance of your appointment, and another reminder four hours in advance. Jan will contact you by text or phone at the appointment time you scheduled.

Session times average 30 minutes, depending on your need (they can run more, and every once in awhile, less). The cost covers one complete session. Jan will text you when the session is complete. She is also very conscientious about following up a day or so after your appointment.

In addition to the healing session, Jan will place a healing message in some water for you to drink. Have a glass or a container of filtered or clean water with you for this purpose. You can have a container plus a filled glass if you wish.

Don’t drink any water or use the restroom until at least 30 minutes after your healing session. Doing so will deplete some of the energy you received. If you must use the restroom, clench your teeth while you are “going” to reserve the Qigong energy. Some clients experience dizziness if they do not follow this instruction.

You don’t need to drink all the healing water right away. Drink it as you normally would, but slowly. When you drink, be conscious of the water going down your throat and feel the energy continuing down to the bottom of your torso. Think of the specific healing this water is providing while you are visualizing it going to the bottom of your torso. Enjoy!

If for any reason you wish to cancel your appointment, please contact Jan 24 hours in advance in order to receive a refund OR to reschedule. Refunds will not be available within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. Remember, if you are out and about during the appointment, your activity will not affect the success of your distance healing.

Thank you for taking this special time seriously. I look forward to working with you!