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Words of appreciation from a few of our students.

"I don't know how you did it, but you got me to question how my negative feelings are contributing to my stress. That's something I can control. You've made a difference in my life. Thank you.”

Monica O.

“I never heard stress described in quite the way you've described it. It's incredibly helpful to take a fresh look at an old problem. Feelings I've bottled up for years have begun to dissipate.”

Mark L.

"This exercise helped me realize I need to take some time for myself and take my writing more seriously. I'm tired of putting up with the mediocre rather than doing what I love."

Carol R.

"This course has made me think so deeply. I am so happy for the new realizations it's bringing into my life.”

Nancy W.

"I can't explain it but there is a change happening. I've been willing to voice my opinions about things without fearing the consequences. This is unusual for me. I was definitely a people pleaser.”

Joy S.

Jan Tucker, yogi, certified Qigong healer, author, MBA

About the course developer

Jan Tucker learned to de-stress in a very unique way — by living in a meditation center for 9 months. 

Jan is also an entrepreneur with several decades of corporate marketing experience and an MBA, which is how she gained her experience with stress. 

She has been a dedicated student of Paramahansa Yogananda's how-to-live yoga teachings since 2005, and was a student of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Unity teachings for 7 years prior to becoming a yogi.

She is a serious spiritual seeker and healer with a serious corporate background.

Jan founded White Lotus Living, Inc., in 2009, an ecommerce store offering truly pure personal care, cosmetics, and household products (no harmful chemicals).

In 2015 she founded Perfect Inner Peace magazine (PerfectInnerPeace.com) to explain to the world how she completely changed her life through the teachings.

In 2017 Jan's yoga path led her to Qigong. She is a certified Qigong energy healer who provides Qigong holistic energy healing sessions and leads Qigong movement practice and meditation both online and live. (HealingwithQigong.com).

Jan says, "Yoga can transform your life like it transformed mine. But first you need to de-stress in order to fully benefit from the yoga path. Let's get started!"

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