Vaccines for children—a scary topic these days. Not having children, but having a keen interest in everyone’s health, I’ve been on the outside looking in at the debate about vaccines for a long time. The debate is very heated and controversial.

If I were a parent today, I’d want to know as much as possible about the subject before I made any decision about whether to vaccinate my children or not. I’d want to know if I should have them get some vaccinations and not others. I’d want to know all the pros and the cons, who was providing the information, and why. I’d want to try to discern the truth.

A new free documentary about vaccines for children

Today, an announcement crossed my desk about a new documentary, The Truth About Vaccines. It’s a mini-series created by Ty Bollinger featuring information from 60 top vaccine experts. You can watch the series free from April 12 through April 19.

Click here for a brief preview and free access to the full documentary about vaccines for children. Ty Bollinger also wrote a book and created a documentary that aired last year called The Truth About Cancer.

I have no connection with the film, its making, or its sponsors. I don’t profess to know the truth myself. I just know it’s a very important topic that affects all of our children.

The documentary will cover the history of vaccines, vaccine risks and safety concerns, and a full list of options and alternatives. You can view the opposing views on this topic on many Internet sites with a simple Google search.

A shorter documentary that’s available now

In the meantime, while you’re waiting, another documentary about vaccines for children is available called Vaccination: The Hidden Truth. Click here to watch the full 90-minute documentary.