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Jan Tucker, founder perfectinnerpeace.com, yogi, author, medical Qigong practitioner, speaker

Have there been times in your life when something bad happened and your first thought was that you’d like to just give up and crawl under a rock for awhile until the cloud passed over and disappeared? What if you could discover the real you instead, and create a much better response that improved your life?

We all struggle through life at one time or another. There’s even a saying that bad things happen in threes. And Henry David Thoreau said, “Men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

There’s a flip side to your struggles

The truth is that there is a very good, helpful aspect to everything that happens to us.

If we can view a negative event as one that can help us learn and grow, then we can begin to change our lives for the better. We can shore up our inner strength to meet the challenge—and to learn very helpful lessons in the process.

Beginning the search for truth

At one point, I became very disillusioned with life—I had lost my favorite family member—my brother—to suicide years earlier, and the rest of my immediate family was shrinking in size. I hadn’t been as successful in my career as I had hoped—always having been an honor student—and I didn’t have a special loved one to share my life with.

I was desperately lonely and had no idea what to do to fix my life.

Finding Yoga—Beyond the Poses

They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I discovered, through a precious chain of spontaneous events I will cherish forever, that the teachings of yoga were exactly what I was pining for. I wanted true answers. I wanted to know how to live life in a far better way. I wanted to be happy.

Yoga teachings go way beyond the physical poses most people are familiar with. The teachings help us to:

  • Peel back the layers of protection we construct around ourselves trying to keep our egos safe from harm. We find a new sense of personal freedom when we do this. You can discover the real you.
  • Identify and address old habits that hold us back, so we can replace them with good habits that propel us forward.
  • Transform negative emotions into positive emotions that brighten our lives and improve our relationships.
  • Increase our intuition which leads us to make better life choices and live optimally.
  • Understand why some people approach issues in unconstructive ways so we can work with them to help mend relationships and improve day-to-day situations that arise.
  • Increase our interest in taking care of our bodies using natural healing methods so our bodies can heal themselves as nature intended.
  • Peek our interest in eating better, nourishing our bodies with healthy food and nutrition for optimal health.
  • Know ourselves better through meditation and introspection so we can live every moment coming from our center of balance.

If you want to take yoga to its furthest potential, yoga is about enlightenment. The teachings will help you develop a connection with your source, whether you see that source as God, the universe, your higher power, the void, or any other concept you believe in. Yoga is not a religion. It’s a way of life that can be practiced by anyone to enhance their current belief system.

Perfect Inner Peace magazine will help you understand the true wonders of yoga—how much it can help you accomplish in life beyond the physical and calming aspects you receive through a physical yoga practice.

Everyone’s path is different and every student’s yoga path is uniquely tailored to the growth they need to experience.

If you have a true teacher or guru, that person has intimate knowledge of you. They know which specific teachings will move you forward. You will be shown the way. It is up to you whether to benefit or not.

And do-overs are definitely permitted.

Discover the Real You Through Perfect Inner Peace

Through these pages, I will share with you what I have learned and am still learning through the wonders of yoga. The yoga teachings enabled me to completely change my life for the better. I’ve accomplished things I never would have dreamed of doing had I not pursued the yoga path.

I will also bring other writers and other yoga experts to fill your heart with a deeper understanding and joy for life.

Yoga is about truth—the truth about who you are, why you are here, how to find your purpose, and what might happen, in general, when you leave this planet. Yogis are truth seekers. If you yearn to find the answers to life’s questions so you can be happier and more balanced, you may find that yoga is your path.

The experiential path

Yoga has so many layers that it can take lifetimes to learn it all—partly because there’s so much to it and partly because it’s a path you need to experience in order to benefit.

Yogis learn the concepts of the art of living. Then they put those concepts into practice in their own lives in order to grow by leaps and bounds. They do this while being guided by a true teacher or guru.

In the Sanskrit word guru, “gu” means darkness and “ru” means light. The guru deftly guides the student from darkness to light. But you will gain all this information and more as you read this magazine.

It’s also important to know that because there are so many layers to yoga, you can focus on just the parts you want that apply to your life. You don’t even have to believe all the teachings. My guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, invites all of his students to be skeptical and to question everything rather than believing the teachings at face value. Test the teachings. Take what helps you and use it to its fullest. Don’t let anything stop you.

If You Are Ready—Seek!

Discover the real you through yoga

Meditate and introspect to discover the real you

I encourage you, especially if you are hurting, to seek—seek the truth. No matter how bad things feel, there are answers to your woes and life concerns.

There is a better way to live than most of us have learned through our loved ones, friends, and our society. I always thought there had to be a better way and thankfully there is.

The beauty of yoga is that your lessons will come for you in the right time—when you are ready.

There is a flow to life and there are real answers

There is a time for everything and everything in its place. One thing I promise you—if you walk any true path—you will be amazed beyond belief at the things you learn about life, the universe, yourself, and others.

You will receive real answers—they will be the keys that help you uncover the layers you’ve built over time to protect yourself.

Unfortunately, your protective layers don’t serve their intended purpose. They only hold you back. It’s time to peel them back—sometimes gently, sometimes with force—to discover the real you that was meant to be.

If you wish to feel whole, at home, at peace in your own skin, and happy—then seek!

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