Author: Jan Tucker

How to Feel that Everything is Connected

The Eastern theory of non-duality says we are all connected. We are connected with everything that exists—everything is connected. When you think about it, that means there is no “we.” There is no “everything.” All is one. The concept is difficult to comprehend because, with our eyes we see everything that exists outside of us, and we feel that we are inside—apart from everything else. We sense the boundary between ourselves and our surroundings. We speak to others with different viewpoints and they speak to us. All of this adds to the illusion of separation. The best way I can...

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How to Find Answers to Life’s Questions

Really needing them is the key Before I became a yogi, I was a lonely seeker with a perceptible hole in my heart. I had a lot of searching to do. I was confused, frustrated, and unfulfilled, because I was doing my best to create a happy life and I was failing miserably. I was desperately seeking how to find answers to life’s questions. I had followed most of Western society’s rules. Go to school, get good grades, continue to college, get a good job, work hard to climb the corporate ladder, and—fall in love and start a family....

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Vaccines for Children—Exploring the Controversy

Vaccines for children—a scary topic these days. Not having children, but having a keen interest in everyone’s health, I’ve been on the outside looking in at the debate about vaccines for a long time. The debate is very heated and controversial. If I were a parent today, I’d want to know as much as possible about the subject before I made any decision about whether to vaccinate my children or not. I’d want to know if I should have them get some vaccinations and not others. I’d want to know all the pros and the cons, who was providing...

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Is Your Mind Resisting Meditation? 7 Great Reasons to Stop It!

You keep hearing how tremendous meditation is, but you either can’t get your practice started or keep it going. Here’s how to overcome your resistance. I became interested in meditating years ago, but being an A-type personality, I didn’t think I could do it. Watching my breath seemed unnatural and I remained restless when I tried it. What worked for me was simple. I placed a candle on a small table at the foot of my bed, dimmed the lights, sat cross-legged about four feet from the flame, and focused my gaze on it while clearing my mind as...

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