Coming Soon! A spiritual journey that will transform your life!

The White Lotus Way in 5 Minutes a Day.

Inner Life

This is a personalized, month-long (31-day) spiritual journey that will introduce you to many of
the wonders of living a yoga lifestyle. And it only takes 5 minutes a day!

Through this private course, you will:

  • Learn to create a permanent, private, personal space where you can retreat from the demands of the outside world at your whim.
  • Learn to move your focus with ease from the external world of stress to your private inner world of peace.
  • Develop your ability to meditate or improve your meditations if you already meditate.
  • Experience true peace, possibly for the first time.
  • Receive guided meditations for grounding, relaxation and letting go.
  • Practice powerful affirmations that encourage healing and positive thinking.
  • Experience and appreciate yoga teachings such as non-judgment, compassion and forgiveness.
  • Develop a continuing practice of your own based on ancient yoga teachings.

What others have said about this course:


Lucia R (after day 2): NO ONE has ever really gotten me to meditate. After several months I got better at guided meditation, but my mind would still wander. For 5 minutes today—TWICE—my mind didn’t wander. I actually didn’t think anything! Can’t wait to see what the 31st day will look like! So excited to do this with you!

Jen B: Thank you! I really liked this one! And the focus on “stress” for the next few days—very timely!

Angela P: I love the uses of positive affirmations. I often write them down and carry them with me through the day in case I need reminding. Thank you!

Jackie V (after Day 31): Wow! It went by so fast!

Jan Tucker PWSDThe White Lotus Way journey was developed by Jan Tucker, publisher of White Lotus Way online magazine.  Jan is a yogi—formally a student of yoga since 2000, having studied at the feet of two Kundalini gurus. She is a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda, who is currently being introduced to the world through the documentary movie, Awake: The Life of Yogananda.

Jan’s own introduction to yoga was through immersion. She encourages people who are interested in learning more about the life-changing benefits of yoga to delve into the experience for themselves to learn the full beauty of yoga firsthand. Yoga is something that can be read about, but only fully understood through personal experience. Yoga is an experiential path.

Jan served in her first guru’s ashram (yoga/meditation center) for two years where she lived for one year, followed by two years studying the Buddhist path. In 2005 she was introduced to Self Realization Fellowship and returned to yoga to study Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings as a devotee. She has been a Kriyaban yogi since 2008.

This introduction to yoga is a month-long journey that can change your life forever (learn more below). You will receive a daily email with simple instructions and encouragement to take your 5-minute journey each day. Your pace is up to you will always have access to the course.

To be placed on the waiting list for this valuable course, please complete and submit the following form. We will send you a link when enrollment is open. The course, valued at $150 will be available for $24.97 (81 cents/day) in the very near future. Money back guarantee: If not satisfied after the first 3 days that this course is for you, 100% of your money will be returned.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about and experience the wonders of spiritual yoga—beyond the physical yoga with which we are all familiar.

Jan: “No one is perfect or has a perfect life… I am not suggesting that.”

But you can improve your life in countless ways by setting aside just a few minutes a day for you alone to experience.

The White Lotus Way in 5 Minutes a Day!

Visualize yourself having the following experiences. Feel within as you read. Embody it! Know and trust that these things are within your reach. . .

  • I feel calm and collected during the day—even when faced with stressful events, situations and people that would normally stress me.
  • I feel peaceful when I hit the pillow each night—I am able to get to sleep quickly and get a good night’s rest.
  • I awaken more often with a smile on my face, eager to start my day.
  • I move through my day with more of a purpose and a knowing.
  • My outlook is positive and my friends and family are asking me how I’m doing it!
  • I notice that those around me feel uplifted—things are getting easier—life is less of a struggle—I am feeling happier, more productive, more creative, more energetic!
  • This is a new pattern that I am enjoying…and it builds on itself, with things getting better and better, touching more aspects of my life.
  • I am more aware of what I want to do and who I am in each moment.
  • I expect good things to happen, and remain calm if challenges arise instead.
  • My heart feels more open. I feel less fear, more confidence.
  • I realize I am “allowing” more often rather than trying to control…I am going with the flow and it feels right!
  • I live a life of gratitude, harmony, compassion and an abundance of love.

Disclaimer: Neither the information about this event nor the journey itself is meant to substitute for the advice of a qualified health care provider or medical professional. Actual results will vary  among participants. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or mental or emotional issue. Please contact your health care provider, medical professional or a qualified psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor immediately if you have or suspect that you have a problem requiring professional attention.